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    Mountain Athletic Conference News

    MAC Football Approves Gameday Guidelines. Season Starts Jamboree Sept 5th, Sept 12th Opening Day. Fans will be allowed to attend

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    MAC Youth Football Protocols/Guidelines for 2020 Season

    All guidelines are safety measures that are recommended for us to return to play and limit the spread of Covid-19. It is our goal to have a season for our Players, Cheerleaders, Coaches, Officials and Fans, but doing so in the safest way possible. All practice and Games are voluntary, and it’s the parents responsibly to do what they believe is best for their child. 

    August 19th MAC Football approved 2020 Protocols/Guidelines. Will Start Season with Jamboree @ Chestatee Sept 5th. Opening Day September 12th

    Temperature Check, Sanitization and Fan Guidelines

    1. Temperature checks for each Player, Coach, Official, Chain Crew and all other sideline personnel will be managed before each game by the Host Site. Each Site will have a designated area for temperature check. Each team will have a designated time slot for Temp Check in but will be approximately 1 hour before game time. Each Fan that enters the stadium will be required to have their Temperature Checked.  All Players, Coaches, Officials, Chain Crew Members, Sideline Personnel and Fans that have a Temperature over 100.4 will be required to leave the stadium.    (Considering the potential for environmental factors causing an elevated temperature, should the temperature be elevated, it is appropriate to isolate the individual and recheck the temperature after 5-to- 10 minutes of sitting in a cool environment.)  Any individual who fails a Temp Check, either based on symptoms or temp level, should leave the field immediately.  If Positive Test Occurs, Rec Departments and Sports Agency will notify MAC Commissioner of Postive Test on Team (Just a Postive Test Not Player Name) and Rec Departments will manage the case following Local, State and CDC Guidelines


    Temp Checks will continue to be recorded at Practice. Anyone with symptoms including cough or fever should not attend practices or games.

    1. A Coach from each team will be present at Temperature Check In. Parents need to sanitize equipment after the game (helmets, pads, uniform, etc.).
    2. Teams must clean their bench area after every game. Host Sites will sanitize benches and other game day equipment in between games. Host Sites will be able to provide Water for a team cooler.  Each team will need to provide their own cooler and ice and fill the players individual water bottles.  
    3. Social distancing 6 feet apart and wearing a mask is strongly recommended for fans at the game. Family’s may sit with each other and not social distance. (Any parent or player that leaves and re-enters the stadium will be required to have their temperature checked again.)   
    4. Gate- It’s highly encouraged that Fans bring the exact change to the game. Our admission is $3 Adults $2 Kids. This will help avoid long lines at the gate where it will be hard to Social Distance.


    All Guidelines Remain in place for practice. Rec Departments may allow Inter Department Scrimmages only starting August 24th.  

    Pre-Game Preliminaries, Game Guidelines and Post Game Instructions

    1. There will be no Captain meetings for the 2020 Season. However, Captains will still be introduced before the game. Each team will select 4 players to step out on the field and be introduced as Team Captain before every game.

    Each Team’s Head Coach will meet at Midfield with the Game Officials prior to each game. Face Coverings will be fully worn at this time. A normal coin toss will occur at this meeting without players. Head Coaches and Head Referee Only at this meeting.

    1. All Head Coaches for ages 6u-11U should have a visible face covering either around their neck or strapped to ears during games. For Head Coaches, Face Coverings must be pulled up when speaking with Officials and Chain Crew members. Head Coaches only are allowed speak to officials. When a Head Coach speaks to an official or a chain crew member, they should fully wear face covering. It is recommended that Assistant Coaches have a visible face covering around their neck or strapped to ears.  In Ages 6U-8U, if a Coach is on the field that Coach must have a visible face covering.

    It is up to each agency if Face Coverings are required at practice.

    1. At the end of the game Teams will step out onto the field and wave at the other team demonstrating good sportsmanship. No Post Game handshakes and No Post Game pictures with the other team are allowed.
    2. There will be a mandated hydration timeout after the 1st play inside the 4-minute mark of every quarter. Coaches at this time will assist with water on the field.

    Covid-19 Postive Test

    1. If a Coach/Cheerleader/Player test positive they will notify Park and Rec Staff immediately. They will be required to quarantine per CDC Guidelines or until they have a negative test. Park and Rec Staff will notify the MAC Commissioner of Postive Test.
    2. Parents/Guardians who receive a positive test will be required to quarantine per CDC Guidelines or until they have a negative test. The player of that Parent or Guardian will also be required to quarantine or have a negative test.  Park and Rec Staff will notify the MAC Commissioner of Postive Test.


    These guidelines are subject to change. All previous Practice Guidelines remain in place.

    Please note that seating restrictions for games might depend on School districts in regard to the number of fans they allow in the stadium. Also, if a county mandates an executive order the league will follow that order.

    It was announced on Tuesday, August 6th, that GHSA will still have opening games weekend of Sept 4th. GHSA did cancel the 2 Scrimmage games for every team on Aug 21st and Aug 28th  


    Mac Board Members met Tuesday August 6th via Zoom.


    The MAC will also follow GHSA. The 2 Jamboree’s scheduled for Lumpkin on Aug 22nd and Fannin Aug 29th have been Cancelled. 


    First Contest for Middle School will still take place as scheduled  Sept 3rd.  The Youth Jamboree at Chestatee on Sept 5th will still take place as scheduled. Opening Day for the MAC Youth Football will still take place Sept 12th as scheduled.

    MAC Releases 2020 Youth Football Schedule

    By Tim Towe 07/30/2020, 5:30pm EDT

    MAC Releases 2020 Youth Football Schedule

    The 2020 Mountain Athletic Conference Youth Football League Schedule has been released.  Thank you everyone for their patience. We hope everyone is enjoying practice and looking forward to a great 2020 Season.


    Click on the link below and the schedule will be under 2020 MAC Football Schedule.   



    What is the MAC?


    The Mountain Athletic Conference (MAC) is a nonprofit organization that serves a total of 11 different county Parks and Recreations and Youth Sports Associations.  We are located in the north Georgia mountains.  The MAC was officially formed on January 9th 2020. 

    In 2017 The Mountain Football League and Mountain Volleyball league were formed. These leagues are now apart of the MAC Conference. 


    We offer youth sports that include Basketball, Baseball, Cheer-leading, Football, Softball and Volleyball.  


    Rec Departments are playing under the Mountain Athletic Conference. Rec Departments can still set their own in house rules but must play by MAC rules for post season play.


    Members of the MAC Conference 

    Baseball- Dawson, Fannin, Gilmer, Hayesville (NC) Lumpkin, Pickens, Towns, Union and White

    Basketball (Men’s and Women’s) - Dawson, Fannin, Gilmer, Lumpkin, Pickens, Rabun, Towns, Union and White

    Football and Cheer- Chestatee, Dawson, Fannin, Gilmer, Lumpkin, Pickens, Towns, Union and White

    Softball (Girls Only) - Dawson, Fannin, Gilmer, Hayesville (NC) Lumpkin, Pickens, Towns, Union and White

    Volleyball (Girls Only) - Dawson, Fannin, Lumpkin, Pickens and White


    Baseball, Basketball and Softball will have a Mountain Athletic Conference All Star Tourney before each sports GRPA District All Star Tournament. This will give All Star teams 2 guaranteed Tourneys (3 Tourneys if you choose to play in Dawson’s Battle of the Best for Basketball and Fannin’s Diaz Classic for Baseball and Softball. These are Pre-All-Star Tourneys put on every year by Dawson and Fannin) and as always if our teams win their GRPA District Tourney they will compete at GRPA State.


    All of our Recreation Departments are members of GRPA ( Georgia Recreation and Parks Association)  and will compete in GRPA District and State Tourney events for Baseball, Softball and Basketball


    Football and Volleyball games are played on Saturdays during those sports seasons. And are played under MAC Rules. Both sports have a playoff system based on Regular Season Standings. 




    On our website, we believe in keeping things simple.  You will have access to the minutes of our meetings, By-Laws, rules, game site addresses and more!  Games Schedules will be updated yearly and our current standings will be updated weekly once the season begins.‚Äč

    We do ask one thing, please tag us in your social media posts to show off your team spirit!  

    If you have a question or comment, look to the League Members page to find your representative's contact information.  Additionally, if you are inquiring about joining our league, please be sure to find our information on the Contact Us page.

    Thank you for visiting the Mountain Athletic Conference!



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