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Youth Football and Cheerleading

The Mountain Football League, MFL, was founded in 2016.  We are home to different Agencies and Associations in the mountain counties of Georgia.  We believe in building up young athletes today for a better tomorrow. 

Be sure to check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and show us your team spirit!!

We are looking forward to a great year!

Super Bowl I - Results

Congrats to our Super Bowl I Champions!

  • Super Bowl I Thank you to everyone who came to the field, watched on TV, or watched live on Facebook! Super Bowl I and the 2017 Season is in the books. Now to look to 2018 but first a recap of Super Bowl I...
  • 7th Gr. Super Bowl I Tigers out on the prowl over take the Rebels and win, 42-19
  • 11U Super Bowl I War Eagles take the win against the Bobcats in the Fog Bowl, 7-0
  • 10U Super Bowl I The Rebels were able to hunt down the Tigers and the win, 32-6
  • 9U Super Bowl I In an air born fight, the Dragons overcome the War Eagles, 8-0
  • 8U Super Bowl I Fighting to the photo finish, the War Eagles were able to stop the Panthers for the win, 18-14
  • 7U Super Bowl I Bobcats on the prowl find the Rebels and the win, 14-0
  • 6U Super Bowl 1 In this hand to hand combat, the Vikings grabbed the win over the Rebels, 12-0
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Countdown until the beginning of the 2018 Season